Two Blonde Mistresses

Check this out, there is a fresh new video update just for you guys and today we have not just one, but two horny babes that are in the mood to have a great time with this guy. They are going to keep him in chains for the entire session, with a limited access to them, cause they wanted to be the ones in charge. You are going to see these two sluts grabbing his cock and applying all sorts of things, from hot wax to some other kinky things.

You are going to see them grabbing his tool and jerking it off while they were shoving their fingers into their wet pussies. You will see how he wanted to free his hands, so he could grab them and start pleasing and teasing them as well. But they didn’t want him too, cause they wanted to be the ones who are having the situation under control. Stay tuned to see what other things are these two going to do right next with each other and get ready to see what other nasty things are they planning to do. Well, well, this is going to be fun! Don’t forget that you can find some similar videos inside Chateau Cuir blog so check it out and have fun!

Watch here these sexy mistresses punishing their slave!