Hot Mistresses In Leather

We are back this time with two hot mistresses and their old and submissive slave to play with. The girls were in the mood for some fun so they found the perfect guy to play with. They had this horny neighbor that was hitting on them since they’ve moved there and this seemed the perfect time to take advantage of his interest. So they asked him over to get to know each other better and after getting to know him a bit better they popped the big question.  He needed a moment to think about it but he then finally accepted to take a part of their little leather fantasy.

The girls always wanted to play the mistress and the slave game but they never found the guy to do it. He wasn’t the ideal slave but for a while he will do. So they undressed him and they started teasing him with their sexy leather lingerie. He hoped to get lucky that night, but unfortunately this wasn’t the night for him and he ended up licking their leather boots all night long. If you liked these girls you should visit for more leather loving chicks. But anyways the girls sure had a blast playing with him and he sure had to do many things and lick many places. Enjoy it!


Check out this mistress getting her boots worshiped!